Social sharing and its disadvantages

Everybody knows that social sharing through various social networking websites offers a lot of advantages. At the same time, you have to be mindful about the disadvantages as well. When you follow a wrong method of approach, social media sites may not deliver the expected results and you may end up getting even wrong results.

Take a look at some of the disadvantages of social media sharing:

Social sharing is a time consuming process

Many people think that getting involved with social media sharing is a time consuming process. In order to effectively utilize it, you need to spend a minimum of 6-8 hours a week and if you are not blogging or tweeting or even sending social worker gifts, in a frequent manner by leaving big gaps between posts, your messages will not be taken seriously.

Always stand in with the risk of negative comments

If you are running a business, many people can leave negative comments about your products/services and other people can see these negative remarks. Such a situation can adversely affect the reputation of your business and in order to rectify this issue, you have to very alert and respond to all negative comments immediately.

Be alert towards fraud

It does not matter whether you are seeking the help of another person for using networking sites for social sharing; you need to monitor all activities by yourself. Some people may act on the behalf of your business, especially on twitter with cyber squatters and all your hard-earned brand credibility and reputation will suffer badly.

Hiring an inexperienced social media manager

Blindly following the guidelines and directions of an inexperienced social media manger can make a negative impact. You cannot place your business’s reputation in the hands of just one person, especially an inexperienced person and it is always advisable to find the right person or team to manage your social sharing activities.

Expecting immediate results

Many business people sign up with various social networking sites to gain fast results. It can be described as a wrong perception and social sharing may not bring you short term return on investment. A long term plan should be there in your mind while designing various social sharing strategies and the content that you post should always be original, updated, fresh and innovative as well.

Getting impersonal

When you underestimate the importance of your followers, you will end up paying a heavy price for it. Making use of auto DMs will definitely hurt new followers because they may think that you do not care about them. Sending an uncaring message to a potential customer is a cardinal mistake and you should avoid this habit at any cost.


Every concept has its own advantages and disadvantages and, social sharing is not an exception. All these disadvantages can be eliminated when you follow the correct method of approach and there is no doubt about the fact that social sharing offers outstanding benefits for the users. It is a cost effective method for social interaction if used properly and a huge number of people have been making use of it with tremendous success as well.


Role of social media in today’s world

16Social media can be described as an inevitable aspect of this fast paced world. Our social interactions have become fully integrated and the ever increasing role of social networking sites clearly reasserts this fact without a shadow of doubt. The technological developments have played a prominent role in increasing the performance of social media sites and networking giants like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn have contributed immensely towards creating a new world where people have a lot of freedom to express their opinions. They can easily share their opinions, ideas, feelings and thoughts with their friends, peers and with the whole world as well.

Important source of news

Today, people come to know about various political and social developments happening all around the world through social media. It can be described as a prominent source of news. Though you can challenge the credibility of some of the sources, news channels keep on giving updates or tweeting about the important incidents all over the world on a consistent basis and it can be said that social networks makes news more accessible to people. People share the news with their peers and friends on various platforms and the pace at which news immediately gets passed across the networks is pretty amazing.

Makes interaction between people effortless

Interaction between people has increased manifold since the arrival of social media and you can say that it has become massive. Even if you try to ignore it, you cannot do so because eventually, you will get marginalized. Communication has become more intense, regular and intimate as well. Social media makes the interaction between people living in different countries and continents effortless and, many people get a lot of opportunities to experience different cultures as well.

Promotes learning

A lot of children start using social networking sites at a very tender age and as a resultant factor; they develop early communication skills in the best manner. The availability of unlimited information makes children intelligent and smart and, it also improves their learning skills with utmost efficiency.

Puts forward a cost effective marketing method

Social media has changed the entire dynamics of marketing and many businesses have started using the power of social media for their marketing activities instead of investing huge amount of money for traditional advertisements. Businesses have become more consumer-centered with the help of interactions made over social media and the entire process of marketing has become highly cost effective and result oriented as well.

Improves political awareness among people

The power of social media has been effectively used to bring political awareness among people and you can easily find a lot of examples where social media has been instrumental in rewriting entire political landscapes. The influence of social media on people is really huge and you cannot ignore this fact at all.


When you take into consideration all these aspects, you have to say that the role of social media in today’s world is really big and with the help of ever emerging technological advancements, it is going to make a much better impact in the lives of the people all around the world.


How is social media helpful in creating awareness amongst people?

17The popularity of social media has always been on the rise since its inception. A huge number of people use social media to stay connected with others, share opinions and photos with their friends, and create their own story with cyberspace as well. It has fully changed the way we interact with each other and this change can also be seen in the way we receive our daily news as well. It is unfair not to mention about the changes taking place in the way we communicate and interact with some of our favorite companies and brands and with the help of social media, you can express yourself in a much more simple and immediate way.

What makes social media an effective channel for spreading awareness among people?

Since social networking sites make it easier for you to share ideas and information, they have become the perfect channel for spreading awareness among people. The number of users on leading social media sites like Facebook has crossed 750 million and the potential reach is certainly much bigger. When you have a platform with unbelievable number of active users, you cannot find a better option to reach out to people on a massive scale. The fact that you will get the feedback immediately makes it an ideal vehicle for creating awareness among people about social issues and business information as well.

The success of any awareness program depends mainly on the amount of attention the campaign can achieve for the cause. The popularity of social media always ensures a large audience and the process of spreading your message to all sections of society becomes less complicated. Many people tap the amazing power of networking sites to gain maximum coverage and social media awareness campaigns instantly make the audience involve. The audience may comment on it, like it, share it or re-tweet it and all these activities shows the immediate engagement of the people towards the campaign. People may not get necessarily involved with a campaign but they express their strong support for the cause. Awareness campaigns cannot find a better option to spread their message and you do not need a big budget to create an awareness program on social media as well.

Important things to consider while launching an awareness program on social media

It is a well known fact that social media offers a congenial atmosphere for the promotion of awareness programs of any nature. It does not matter whether you are using an awareness program for business promotion or a social cause; social media is the best option available. In order to make your campaign successful on social media sites, you should be careful about some important facts. You should have a clear goal and it is always advisable to identify the target audience before the launch of your campaign. When you have better idea about the target audience, you can select the most effective networking sites to reach this audience and your approach should always be creative and innovative to catch the attention of the people in the best possible manner.